Scheme Summary: 8 Residential Units
Site Status: Planning

The Company have agreed terms with local landowner Drennan International Ltd for a Joint Venture development at a site in their ownership in Cowley, Oxford.

Pre-app consultations have been initiated for a development of 8 houses. A previous application for 9 units submitted by the landowners has been refused and is likely to be the subject of a planning appeal.

The Company believe that the submitted scheme whilst less in number, is more efficient use of the site whilst ensuring that the bulk of the development is constrained and of less impact on adjacent dwellings.

The scheme will be designed to comply with Oxford City Councils current carbon reduction requirement  exceeding 40% which will include the use of air source heat pumps and other renewal technologies.

A formal planning application will be submitted prior to the end of 2020.

Planning Agent: JPPC
Architect: Bruce Cockburn
Engineers: Stantec
Landscape: Adams Habermehl

Marshall Road